Sussex Aphasia Self-Help

is a DIY wordpress blog,  set up by an individual,  for a group of stroke survivors with aphasia based in Sussex.

SASH is a group of people who are experiencing communication difficulties after suffering a stroke or other brain injury.  Our activities include social events, guest speakers & information sharing.  Join our group to relax and build confidence after aphasia.

It was originally set up by Speakability in London as part of their services to Sussex which included a group in the Preston Park area.

SASH itself as a funded off-shoot of Speakability no longer operates (April 2014)  but the group transformed itself over the years  into the ABS via  Connect which itself supports the recent Hove Drop-In Centre.

The original blog is  http://sussexaphasiaself-help.blogspot.com/

but now prefer word-press as it provides separate pages, in which the notes of our meetings are placed as well as pictures, stories, advice, links to elsewhere and reading-lists……….

please contact us on sashaphasia@yahoo.co.uk


Also,  there are pages about ABS,  CONNECT and  SPEAKABILITY


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