Parking Tickets ect

Members of  SASH may occasionally get Parking Tickets.  This page is dedicated to parking ect:

((See old-blog 5th May 2009 “I went to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal a few days ago at Brighton Race Course to remind me how disabled-friendly it was (very good, though the wheel-chair loo as a long way away) and the kind of cases they deal with (on one case, the Adjudicator reminded the Council that they have discretion to cancel if mitigating circumstances warrant it — they agreed to drop it…..) and it was free.”))

The council have a good page about parking

“Brighton & Hove City Council recognise that people with disabilities who live, work or visit the city may need to park close to their home or other locations.  Parking concessions are made available to Blue Badge holders.”

And the Traffic Penalty Tribunal ( has an excellent site, with a page on examples of Adjudicators’ decisions in appeals.

If any member or friend want to discuss these issues, do use the comments section below.


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